January 28, 2018

Photo courtesy of Earth Clinic

This is something that worked for my two dogs.  When I adopted my youngest, he was scratching and itching and so did his nine siblings; the Vet did a skin scraping and nothing showed; it was a real mystery.  He tried different medications that did not work.  Then my other dog started having the same symptoms so I began to Google stuff and I found that wonderful solution that WORKED on both my dogs and the other siblings.

Source:  www.earthclinic.com

Mange is a serious parasitic skin condition caused by tiny mites that bury beneath the skin. These mites cause painful sores, hair loss, and incessant itching and scratching. If left untreated, mange can cause death. Thankfully, borax is an effective natural remedy for mange. Countless dogs a...

January 24, 2018

I see too many dogs in my community tied up outside 24/7, rain or shine.  Even if they have a dog house, it is still sad to see an animal born to be in a pack, all alone outside.  Why is this? I am asking myself.  I believe one of the reasons is they are not house trained and a lot of dog owners do not know where to start.


When I rescued my 12 week old puppy Max it was during the cold days of January and I kept him in the house.  I took him outside right after a nap, and after he ate or played.  I did not give him water after supper, and I praised him and gave him a treat every time he did his business where I wanted him to do it.

His bladder was small and could not hold it for long; I took him outside every four hours:  8 a.m. - Noon - 4 p.m. - 8 p...

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