April 17, 2018

Photo 1 - Max found a way to go over the fence (see our previous post) so I doubled the fence by adding another one on top and attaching lumber to the metallic posts... with tie rods (again). I knitted them together with more tie rods. 

Photo 2 - This side of the yard was too appealing to Max; he was climbing the palettes and then applying his fence-bending technique to the second layer so I screwed plywood on top of the whole thing.  Ugly but efficient.(2009)

Photo 3  - ...after two years it turned into a colorless evil-looking thing and the wind knocked it over.  

Photo 4 and 5  - Andy build a gate. Max continued to challenge us by making a hole at the bottom of the wire fence, or sliding himself under it or sliding under the shed. One time he was stuck under there...

April 4, 2018

For those who live in the country and believe their dogs need a safe place to play outside, I am sharing the trials and errors of building a fence for a couple of escape artists who have put me to the challenge many times. 

Why a fence you would say?  Security is the #1 reason.  Your dog will not get in trouble for roaming around digging in garbage, trying to mate with the next female in heat and getting shot or poisoned by neighbors.  Your dog will be safe from mean stray dogs or wild life if you live near the forest, and safe from catching diseases from strays. (I had to deworm my puppy THREE TIMES when I did not have a fence put up and I tied her out for a few hours.) Your fence will deter dog thieves if your dog is friendly.  Personally I doubt my dogs will ever disappear...

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