Thinking of travelling with your dog to Montréal, Québec? Think twice! If it looks somewhat like a Pit Bull it will most likely be seized and euthanized with no regards to its temperament just because of its looks. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

It all began when a poor woman was mauled to death by a neighbor's dog that the police described as a "Pit Bull" although the dog has been registered as a "Boxer". After that, all went down for the dogs. See article here.

On September 26, Montreal city officials elected to represent their citizens, will vote

to give away their citizens' rights. Read carefully the bylaw here.

In other words dogs that look like a Pit Bull, or vaguely like a Pit Bull, will be banned, but present owners will be able to keep them under very strict conditions, for example: dogs will have to be museled when outside of the home, even in their own fenced-in backyard to go pee, solely based on their appearance!

This will NOT solve aggressive dogs problem. Instead of following proven methods that work like applied in Calgary, Montreal plans on going forward with the craziest bylaw. Read about what really works here.

Pictured here is Bill Bruce,

Director of Animal Services, Calgary

Several protests were organized. Here is an excerpt of an article about the one held in Montréal September 4, 2016. "Dog lovers convened at Montreal's city hall Sunday afternoon to protest Premier Philippe Couillard's promise to introduce dangerous dog legislation in Quebec when the National Assembly resumes sitting on Sept. 20. Couillard said in June that Quebec would "probably" follow Ontario's lead on legislation to bans pit bulls.

An estimated 1,500 pit bull advocates attended Sunday's event, called "Protest against the banishment of pit bulls in Québec," to show support for the breed."

The event was a joint effort by Protection Pit Bulls and S.O.S Bull Terriers Canada.

Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux said in June that the government "will definitely do something significant." Health Minister Gaétan Barrette said in August that he supported an outright ban on pit bulls." - Read more here.

MONTREAL SPCA STANDS BY THE DOGS - Montreal SPCA does not agree with the ban and will NOT euthanize dogs based on their appearance. “The consequences for our community if the proposed BSL (breed-specific legislation) goes forward would be enormous. It

would mean the death of thousands of adoptable and well-behaved dogs simply because of the way they look” said Nicholas Gilman, Executive Director of the Montreal SPCA in the statement. We are NOT going to let it happen." The SPCA will no longer provide services for dogs if the BSL is applied. Read more here.


Support Mayor's Opposition - To citizens against Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre's proposed Regulation, support Projet Montreal which has been fighting the proposal, to have your voice heard! Become a member: $10, $25 outside Quebec. Click here.

Boycott Montreal - Sign the petition here. Please share! [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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