There is hope for Montreal's Dogs!

The people of Montreal have spoken, and they voted their first Mayoress since Jeanne Mance 375 years ago, Valerie Plante, from Projet Montreal. Pet owners rejoice because there is hope for them and their dogs. Projet Montreal will repeal the Breed Specific Legislation that Coderre administration put in place, allowing Animal Control to enter a home without a warrant, seize the family dog and have it killed solely based on their appearance. This is no joke, sadly, and proves how ignorance can overrule common sense despite hard evidence and facts.

But there is hope! Projet Montreal plans on following the Calgary model.

A wonderful article written by Benjamin Shingler of CBC News says it best:

"Valérie Plante of Projet Montréal has been elected mayor of Montreal, scoring a stunning upset over veteran politician Denis Coderre in Sunday's municipal election.

Plante, 43, won over voters on a promise to improve public transit (including a new Metro line), alleviate traffic woes and make the city more family friendly. She becomes the first woman to be elected mayor of Montreal.

"During the course of this campaign, I had one thing in mind: put Montrealers first. I'm not going to change that," she told a group of cheering supporters at Montreal's Corona Theatre.

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"I'm going to get Montrealers moving again. I'm going to build safer roads for pedestrians, seniors and cyclists."

By midnight, Plante had recorded 239,202 votes, compared to Coderre's 212,503, with 98 per cent of polls reporting.

Coderre was dogged by accusations of overspending on big projects, including this summer's Formula E race and the city's 375th anniversary celebrations.

A poll showed many Montrealers found him arrogant, and his hasty efforts to legislate Montreal's calèche industry and ban pit bull dogs also cast him in a negative light."

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