The Fence Saga - Part II

Photo 1 - Max found a way to go over the fence (see our previous post) so I doubled the fence by adding another one on top and attaching lumber to the metallic posts... with tie rods (again). I knitted them together with more tie rods. 


Photo 2 - This side of the yard was too appealing to Max; he was climbing the palettes and then applying his fence-bending technique to the second layer so I screwed plywood on top of the whole thing.  Ugly but efficient.(2009)


Photo 3  - ...after two years it turned into a colorless evil-looking thing and the wind knocked it over.  


Photo 4 and 5  - Andy build a gate. Max continued to challenge us by making a hole at the bottom of the wire fence, or sliding himself under it or sliding under the shed. One time he was stuck under there and missing a few hours until he wiggled his way back into the yard.  Andy rented a machine to dig holes. Because the ground is very rocky the cedar posts only went two feet deep so he added cement. We got a stronger wire and stapled it to the posts. We will screw lumber at the bottom. 


Photo 6 -  We added another height of wire fence bent inwards.  IT'S A SUCCESS!!!! 


But.... smart dogs found a new way out.... to be continued.




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