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About Us

Our original taste-testers

My name is Kaly White; I was born in Montreal and I now live on a Mohawk Reservation in Upper State New York. I began baking dog treats for local fundraisers in 2010, then more consistently when my dog Max started having seizures after he ate certain commercial dog foods. When I was managing our local CATS Spay/Neuter Program in 2011 I had the idea of starting my homemade dog bakery and give a portion of the sales to this program, thus the logo representing the dogs helping the cats, with green leaves growing on top to show the "healthy" touch. Today this program is under our local animal shelter, the Akwesasne Animal Society, which this dog bakery donates to.  We also donate to other charities occasionally.


As I was researching about dog treats I met a group of people who lost their dogs to the Chinese jerky treats and were determined to make a difference - Animal Parents Against Pet Treats and Food Made in China. As I helped them administer their Facebook page I learned a lot about the sad consequences of poisoning and it became clear that starting my dog bakery would give dogs (and their owners) healthier choices and was a great opportunity to share and exchange knowledge about pet nutrition. 


I officially started Akwesasne Puppy Style Dog Biscuits in 2012 and it became Puppy Style Treats & More in 2015. I attend a lot of vendor events and I can see that pet owners have become more aware of what they feed their dog(s),  they read labels, and we go along with their requests.

Zulu, our cat treats tester

Puppy Style Treats & More is a business licensed and registered with New York State Dept. of Agriculture and Markets. Our treats are sent to an independent lab for analysis and each flavor comes with a guaranteed analysis and ingredients listed on the package.  


I enjoy doing research and working on new recipes and I added decorated dog treats to the menu in 2015 to satisfy my artistic side; I am working on replacing food coloring with vegetables, fruits and flower powders.


Our Quality Control Team consists of Okwari (pronounce: oh-gwa-lee) which means "Bear" in Mohawk, Max, and Snowball (2006-2013).  We can't forget our cat Zulu (2006-2013), who confirmed that our liver treats were definitely loved by cats!


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