Is Grain-Free Dog Food Better for My Dog?

It has been a hotly debated issue and even led to a popular new trend in commercial dog foods. But bottom line, is grain-free dog food better for our canines? A lot of my customers ask for grain-free treats because they believe it is healthier for their dog or their vet recommended a grain-free diet. They have expressed concerns about claims that grain-free food creating heart problems in dogs fed grain-free foods so we tried to find out more about it. This potential heart issue is called DCM or dilated cardiomyopathy. It is a form of K9 heart disease that affects the heart muscle decreasing its ability to effectively pump blood leading to an enlarged heart and potentially congestive heart f

Happy Dog Mom's Day!

THANK YOU to all dog moms who support our small business! May you have a wonderful Mother's Day today and always.

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