These grain-free dog treats are suitable for dogs with food allergies and sensitive stomachs, the treats do not contain any Wheat, Corn, Sugar, Salt, or Preservatives. We do not use a yogurt-based icing since it contains sugar.


Recipes approved and registered with our local State Dept. of Agriculture and Markets, therefore safe for your dog; all treats come with a guaranteed analysis label.


The basket measures 6 3/4" wide X 3 3/4" deep X  7" high.  It contains:

5oz of grain-free every-day treats of your choice

One pawprint 4" X 3 7/8"

One cupcake 3" X 3"

One number 3" X 1 1/2"

One balloon 3" X 2"

One Ribbon 3" X 2 1/4"


If you are picking up the order, used coupon code KITCHEN FETCH to waive shipping fees.


Ships in five business days - please mention your pup's birthday in the comments; we will do our best to ship it on time.

If you are experiencing difficulties ordering from our website please contact us at and we will invoice you.

Choose one


    Pumpkin, Buckwheat flour, organic Chickpea flour, Flax meal, organic Cinnamon, Water.


    Cheesy Turkey Bacon:

    Buckwheat flour, organic Chickpea four, Turkey Bacon, Cheese, Flax meal, Water.


    Dehydrated Liver (Gluten-free):

    Chicken liver, organic Oats flour, Eggs.


    Decorated Treats:

    Biscuit:  Peanut Butter, Bananas, Buckwheat flour, Flax meal, Maple Syrup, Water.

    Icing:  Yogurt cultures, non-fat Milk powder, modified Tapioca starch, Egg whites (trace), Pectin, granulated Rice, Food Coloring.


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