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SPAW WAX with Plantain From Our Yard

SPAW WAX with Plantain From Our Yard


This "Spaw Wax" therapy balm will protect and nourish your dog's paw pads from salt and will prevent the snow and ice from accumulating between the toes. Applying this balm regularly on your dog's pads will nourish the skin and prevent cracked, chapped and itchy paws and noses as well as elbows. Will protect from ticks latching between the toes in warmer days! 

It worked wonders on Dobie's nose, shown in the picture.


We use organic Beeswax or Candelilla Wax depending on availability; both have very similar properties. If you are allergic to Beeswax or if you prefer Candelilla wax leave us a note at checkout.

No Petroleum was involved in the making of the ingredients we use. These ingredients are safe for both dogs and humans. Plantain has healing properties and has been used by Native Americans for generations.  We picked Plantain from our yard and infused organic Olive oil with it for one month on our window sill; it soaked in the Sun during the day and received Moon energy at night.  

Comes in a 2 oz container, a cute gift bag, and instructions.

Ready to ship in 2 business days. 

Free store pickup available at checkout for local customers.


    Beeswax OR Candelilla wax, organic Coconut oil, raw Shea butter, organic Olive oil infused with Plantain from our yard, Vitamin E oil.


    Beeswax OR Candelilla Wax

    Both have the same properties: Skin softener, non-toxic, protective barrier, holds moisture and reduces dryness, doesn't clog skin pores; relieves dry itchy skin; anti-allergenic.

    Raw Shea Butter

    Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, UV protection (SPF6), helps with wound care.

    Organic Olive Oil

    Helps reduce inflammation, anti-bacterial, contains anti-oxydants and we infused it with Plantain picked from our yard. This plant is a traditional cure for skin conditions including sunburns and eczema, anti-irritant. anti-bacterial.

    Organic Coconut Oil

    Anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, keeps skin moist and smooth, helps with skin rashes, helps with bruises and small cuts.

    Vitamin E

    Anti-inflammatory, helps with wound healing.


    A portion of the sale of this item will be donated to Focus on Ferals.

    Thank you!

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