Why we Use Plantain in our Spaw Wax

We moved to a Native American reservation 15 years ago where we were introduced to the benefits of Plantain, a plant that grows locally in the area where Mohawks have been living for generations. They told me about that plant their mother would cure their headaches with when applied on the forehead, and these leaves were also used to heal wounds. We tried it on a leg wound and it really works! That plant has been known for its historical medicinal use as a wound healer, snakebite remedy, also works for eczema, burn, rashes, or sunburn. It grows all over our yard so we started infusing organic olive oil with it to use on our Spaw Wax. The scientific name for this plant is PLANTAGO MAJOR ROSUL

What is Spaw Wax?

This paw balm is made with organic, vegan, natural butters and oils with no chemicals or artificial ingredients which heals, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It is ideal for dry, chapped, rough paws, elbows and noses; also great for peeling and cracked paws. Winter: In the Winter it protects paws from salt and ice accumulation between the toes; it provides a better grip on slippery ice. Summer: In the Summer it protects from hot surfaces such as pavement, concrete, etc. and it prevents fleas and ticks from latching on in between the toes. Works great on rough elbows, chapped human hands, heels and knees as well. Since these ingredients are 100% chemical-free they will not harm your dog ev

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