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What is Spaw Wax?

This paw balm is made with organic, vegan, natural butters and oils with no chemicals or artificial ingredients which heals, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

It is ideal for dry, chapped, rough paws, elbows and noses; also great for peeling and cracked paws.


In the Winter it protects paws from salt and ice accumulation between the toes; it provides a better grip on slippery ice.


In the Summer it protects from hot surfaces such as pavement, concrete, etc. and it prevents fleas and ticks from latching on in between the toes.

Works great on rough elbows, chapped human hands, heels and knees as well.

Since these ingredients are 100% chemical-free they will not harm your dog even if he licks it.


Beeswax: Skin softener, non-toxic, protective barrier, holds moisture and reduces dryness, doesn't clog skin pores; relieves dry itchy skin; anti-allergenic.


Candelilla Wax: A plant-based wax with same properties as bees' wax.

Raw Shea Butter: Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, UV protection (SPF6), helps with wound care.

Organic Olive Oil: Helps reduce inflammation, anti-bacterial, contains anti-oxydants.

Organic Coconut Oil: Anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, keeps skin moist and smooth, helps with skin rashes, helps with bruises and small cuts.

Vitamin E: Anti-inflammatory, helps with wound healing.

Lavender Essential Oil: Promotes feelings of calm, balancing, cleans and soothes minor skin irritations. We use Young Living products.


Organic CBD Oil: Anti-oxydant, moisturizing, calming and soothing.

Plantain: Traditional Native American cure for skin conditions including sunburns and eczema, anti-irritant. anti-bacterial. Soaked in organic Olive oil for a month and has become a standard in all our recipes.

Since these ingredients are 100% chemical-free they are totally safe to lick.

How to apply Spaw Wax

If your dog has not been cooperating, start massaging his paws twice a day for a few days, followed by his favorite treat, game or belly rubs. He will associate you touching his paws with something rewarding.

If he likes to lick the wax off, apply at night before bed or when he is asleep; give him a toy stuffed with peanut butter to keep his mind off his paws, or apply it before going for a walk or to play outside.

Nose: Apply a thin coat once daily. Dobie from @beagling_around had a crusty nose and it was all better after three weeks.

You want some? Get it HERE.

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