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Why we Use Plantain in our Spaw Wax

We moved to a Native American reservation 15 years ago where we were introduced to the benefits of Plantain, a plant that grows locally in the area where Mohawks have been living for generations. They told me about that plant their mother would cure their headaches with when applied on the forehead, and these leaves were also used to heal wounds. We tried it on a leg wound and it really works!

That plant has been known for its historical medicinal use as a wound healer, snakebite remedy, also works for eczema, burn, rashes, or sunburn. It grows all over our yard so we started infusing organic olive oil with it to use on our Spaw Wax.

The scientific name for this plant is PLANTAGO MAJOR ROSULARIS, it has big green leaves that the locals call "pig ears" because of its shape, and the flower grows in long green stems towards the sky at about 12 inches tall... but for some reason, the ones found in our yard are much bigger. They must really enjoy our humid environment.

Studies have shown that plantain leaves are good for speeding up the healing of wounds. Plantain leaves help regenerate skin tissue, reduce inflammation, and have antibacterial properties according to a study published in the World Journal of Plastic Surgery which talks about the beneficial combination of Plantain with Aloe Vera.

Our Spaw Wax is unique because it has been infused with Plantain, giving it an extra special healing touch; and it has become a standard in all our paw balm recipes. Get yours HERE today.

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