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This is something that worked for my two dogs. When I adopted my youngest, he was scratching and itching and so did his nine siblings; the Vet did a skin scraping and nothing showed; it was a real mystery. He tried different medications that did not work. Then my other dog started having the same symptoms so I began to Google stuff and I found that wonderful solution that WORKED on both my dogs and the other siblings.

Mange is a serious parasitic skin condition caused by tiny mites that bury beneath the skin. These mites cause painful sores, hair loss, and incessant itching and scratching. If left untreated, mange can cause death. Thankfully, borax is an effective natural remedy for mange. Countless dogs around the world have been successfully treated since 2002 with a simple borax, hydrogen peroxide and water solution. Sent to us over 15 years ago from the genius contributor, Ted from Bangkok, the remedy is an inexpensive, safe and effective treatment for Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange.


Borax is a naturally occurring compound found around the world. Borax is a popular and safe remedy for pest control. The compound is effective in killing mites. Because borax is a natural disinfectant, it can be used safely and effectively to treat your pet’s skin.

Mange Borax Solution Recipe

For dogs of any size, add 3 heaping tablespoons borax to a clean bucket. Add 2 cups of hot water. Stir vigorously with your hand to dissolve all the borax granules. Add 2 cups of warm water. Mix again. Add 2 cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide from the drug store. Stir mixture again vigorously and set aside. You will use the mixture after your dog has been bathed and double-rinsed.


First shampoo your dog using a good dog shampoo. Do not use people shampoo as it is not ph-balanced for dog's skin. We particularly like Dermabenss. Double rinse your dog to make sure you remove all shampoo reside. Using a plastic measuring cup, slowly apply the borax solution all over your dog, fully saturating him. Make sure to soak the dog entirely, even in areas unaffected by mange. To treat the face, pour small amounts of the solution into the palm of your hand and slowly apply. Massage the solution very gently into the dog's skin. Make sure every area is saturated, including the tail and paws. If your dog has any raw or bleeding areas, do not massage the solution into the dog's skin. Simply apply. Do not rinse off the solution.

Let your dog dry out in the sun if it's a warm, sunny day. Don't towel dry. However, if it's cold out, keep the dog in a warm room after towel drying.

How Often Should I Give the Borax and Peroxide Bath to My Dog?

Week 1: Give borax bath every other day. Week 2: Give the borax bath every 3 days. Weeks 3 - 6: Give the borax bath once a week. Weeks 6 - 12: Give the borax bath bi-weekly.

When Will I See Results?

You will start to see improvement in your dog's condition after the first or second treatment. However, it can take a month or two before full healing takes place.

How Do I Treat My Dog's Bedding?

On treatment days, wash your dog's bedding, including any towels you used during the treatment, in hot water with 1 cup of borax. Dry in a dryer on the highest setting.

Should I Treat Other Pets With The Mange Solution?

Consider giving your other pets at least one borax bath during the first month to help prevent reinfestation of mites.

How Do I Clean the Areas Where My Dog Sleeps?

Use the borax and peroxide solution to spray down and wipe the floors where your dog lies. Also be sure to cleanse its kennel or sleeping area. If your dog has pillows or blankets, wash them regularly in hot water with 1 cup of borax.

How Does The Borax Bath Work?

The treatment for mange is made up of three basic components: hydrogen peroxide, borax, and water. When combined in the appropriate ratio, these three components create an effective disinfectant for your dog. You should use this treatment to cleanse your pet’s skin as well as anywhere the animal has been sleeping, playing, laying…By disinfecting areas where your dog has been, you reduce the risk for re-infestation.

Hydrogen peroxide serves as a natural disinfectant and cleanser for the condition. H202 works through oxidation by adding additional oxygen into the equation and creating an environment in which the mites cannot survive.

Borax, also called sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, is effective in killing mites.

Water simply functions to dilute the hydrogen peroxide and dissolve the borax. This component creates the appropriate solution and makes using the treatment that much easier.

Do I Need To Use Food Grade Peroxide?

No, regular 3% peroxide from any grocery store or pharmacy will suffice.

How To Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide?

Many countries sell hydrogen peroxide in concentrations other than 3%. Learn how to dilute H2O2 into 3% HERE

Borax for Mange Protocol Video

Watch Earth Clinic's video with extensive instructions on how to make and apply Ted's mange solution. We'll also give you important tips to hasten recovery.

Can I Use A Hair Dryer After The Bath?

It is best to let your dog air dry in a warm room or out in the sun if it's a warm day after the mange treatment. However, if your dog is shivering uncontrollably, do use a hair dyer to warm your dog up. If possible, wait half an hour before using the hair dyer to give the solution time to penetrate.

Treating Older Dogs With Mange

Be aware that older dogs get cold very quickly in baths and that it can take hours for their body temperatures to warm up after a bath. This is why it is important to bathe a dog either out in the sun on a hot day or in a warm bathroom and to also make sure the room that they dry off in is warm too. Do not bath your dog outside in the winter unless you live in a warm climate. Because our dogs are over 12 years old, we always use a mini heater in the bathroom during the bath and then use the heater in a bedroom while they dry off and warm up.

Other Considerations

Adding a pinch of borax (no more than 1/8 teaspoon) to 1 liter of water for your dog also helps treat mange from the inside out. Learn more about borax for dog's HERE.

Ted’s mange protocol is considered the top natural remedy for mange. If you are trying to eliminate mange in your dog, give this treatment a try for at least a month and let us know how it worked out for your dog. Continue reading for more information from Ted and feedback from hundreds of our readers who have successfully cured mange using Ted's protocol.

For photos and testimonies click HERE.

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