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We tried for you: THE ABSORBER

I tried this absorbent towel for doggies on my baby Max, who is part Akita and whose undercoat takes a long time to dry. When I opened the package it was weird because the towel felt wet. When I read the instructions it seemed strange but once I tried it I realized it really works! It was raining hard and Baby Max came in from outside: I though what a wonderful timing to try and dry him faster! Works great on wet and muddy paws too.

Well, it worked! That material absorbed almost all of the water and his fur dried faster. You have to keep it wet and stored in the packaging it came in. You can wash it in the washing machine but you have to make sure it stays wet for it to work.

You can get it HERE

Here is a list this company made about ways to help your dog with an itch.

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