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How to Support your Favorite Non-profit by Walking Your Dog

Nice summer days are back, and so are the longer walks with your dog either in the city or in nature.

You can raise funds for your favorite non-profit charity while entertaining your dog and getting good exercise by using the "Walk for a Dog" app that you can find on the Google app or online under

This app tracks your movements with your phone GPS and the longer you walk, the more money will be given to your favorite organization!

You can walk as many dogs as you like; two or three at a time or individually. I walk my neighbor's two dogs in addition of mine. No dog? No problem, you can walk your friend's dog, your neighbor's dog, or borrow one from the shelter - you will make a difference in that dog's life.

I chose to walk for the Akwesasne Animal Society. Picture here is my results for April 2020.

Remember to check the ground temperature before venturing on black tops. See more walkting tips on my previous blog HERE.

Everyone wins! Thanks for caring! Happy walking!

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